Collinson, James

BORN 9 May 1825, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire - DIED 24 Jan 1881, London: 16 Paulet Road, Camberwell
CAUSE OF DEATH pneumonia
GRAVE LOCATION London: Camberwell Old Cemetery, Forest Hill Road, Southwark (Square 31, 7116)

Son of a bookseller and printer. In 1847 he first exhibited at the Royal Academy Schools with "The Charity Boy's Debut". This painting impressed Gabriel Dante Rossetti, who recommended him for the Preraphaelite Brotherhood, of which he became one of the founding members.

He was a quiet man and his nickname was 'the dormouse'. In 1848 he became engaged with Christina Rossetti and converted to the Anglican church to marry her. But his conscience caused him to return to Catholism and the engagement came to an end. He left the Preraphaelite Brotherhood in 1850 after Millais' painting "Christ in the House of his Parents" caused a scandal. He sold all his artistic equipment and joined the Jesuit College at Stonyhurst in 1853. In 1854 he abandoned his education for priesthood and took up painting once more. In 1858 he married Eliza Wheeler, a sister-in-law of the painter J.R. Herbert. From 1861 to 1870 he was secretary of the Society of British Artists.

He was on good terms with W.M. Rossetti again and his pictures were part of the Exhibition of British Art which toured the USA in 1857/1858. He also exhibited regularly at the Society of British Artists.

"The Renunciation of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary" (1848-1850, Johannesburg Art Gallery);
"Answering the Emigrant's Letter " (1850, Manchester City Art Galleries);
"The Holy Family" (1878).

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