Bell, Henry Thomas Mackenzie

BORN 2 Mar 1856, Liverpool: 8 Falconer Square - DIED 13 Dec 1930, London: Orme Square, Bayswater
GRAVE LOCATION London: Putney Vale, Stag Lane (1 Block AS)

Henry Bell was educated for a career in law in England but at a certain time he chose to continue his studies abroad. He lived in Portugal, Spain, Italy and France. During that time he published several volumes of poetry from 1879 onwards and he made friends with Christina Rossetti.

In 1884 he returned to England and settled at Ealing, London to become a professional writer. His biography on Charles Whitehead was published in the same year. He wrote articles and poems for the Pall Mall Magazine, The Atheneum and other publications and he became a literary critic for the London Academy.

After Christine Rossetti's death in 1894 he wrote and published "Christina Rossetti: A Biographical and Critical Study" (1898). He was politically active for the Liberal Party.

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• was a friend of Rossetti, Christina
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The grave of Henry Thomas Mackenzie Bell at Putney Vale Cemetery, London.
Picture by Androom (12 May 2011)


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