Utrillo, Maurice

BORN 26 Dec 1883, Paris - DIED 5 Nov 1955, Dax, Landes
CAUSE OF DEATH pneumonia
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: St. Vincent Cimetière, 6, rue Lucien Gaulard (division 04)

Son of the painter Suzanne Valadon. It is unclear who his father was, possibly the painter Puvis de Chavannes or the painter Renoir. He was adopted in 1891 by the Spanish painter Miguel Utrillo y Molins. He was raised by Suzanne Valadon's mother and during his youth he became an alcoholic. He continued drinking all his life. In 1902 he started painting what he observed in Montmartre as a form of therapy. By 1910 was noticed by the critics and by 1920 his work was sold internationally.

He was awarded the Cross of the Légion d'honneur in 1928. But all the time his mental state was fragile. He was treated in asylums repeatedly and shouted at pregnant women on the street.

Later in life he became more religoius and in 1935 he married the painter Lucie Valore. He had known her for years, her husband had died and now she was a rich widow. With Lucie he moved to Le Vesinet, just outside Paris. By that time his health had detoriated and me mostly painted from memory and looking through windows.

He lived into his seventies and died in 1955. Lucie died in 1965 and was buried next to him at St Vincent Cemetery in Paris.

• Mother: Valadon, Suzanne
• Wife: Valore, Lucie (1935-1955, Angoulême: Sainte Ausonne)

Related persons
• worked for Diaghilev, Sergei
• had work owned by Jugo, Jenny


The grave of Maurice Utrillo at St. Vincent Cimetière, Paris.
Picture by Androom (19 May 2005)


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