Vaccà Berlinghieri, Andrea

BORN 3 Feb 1772, Montefoscoli, toscana - DIED 6 Sep 1826, Orzignano, Toscana
GRAVE LOCATION Pisa, Toscana: Campo Santo, Piazza del Duomo

Son of a respected physician. He studied in England and in France, where he witnessed the storming of the Bastille. He completed his education back in Pisa and worked witjh his father Francesco until the latter's death in 1812.

In 1809 his brother Leopoldo died and five years later he married his widow Sophia Calderon. In 1816 he was visited by Byron's physican Polidori and Lady Mountcashel brought him in Pisa into contact with the Shelleys. He considered Shelley's ill health as originally caused by nerves and the poet profited from his medical advices. He was not the only one, for people from all over Europe came to seek his medical services.

Vaccà Berlinghieri was interested in literature and had republican sympathies. Byron called him one of the great men of his time and after his death in 1826 Thorvaldsen executed a monument for him.

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• was teacher of King, Margaret, Lady Mount Cashell
• knew Shelley, Mary
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Vágó, László

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