Corinth, Lovis

BORN 21 Jul 1858, Tapiau, Ost-Preussen (now Gwardeisk, Russia) - DIED 17 Jul 1925, Zandvoort, Nederland
REAL NAME Corinth, Franz Heinrich Louis
GRAVE LOCATION Stahnsdorf, Berlin: Südwestfriedhof, Bahnhofstrasse (Block Trinitatis, am Feld 8,-Erbbegräbnis 47)

German impressionist artist. Lovis Corinth was born in East-Prussia. In 1876 the family moved to Königsberg, where he was a pupil of the painter Otto Günther (1838-1884). In 1880 he continued his studies in Munich and in 1884 in Antwerp and Paris. In 1887 he returned to Königsberg, but in 1888 he moved to Berlin and started using the name Lovis Corinth. In Berlin he painted his first self portrait.

In 1892 Corinth went to Munich where he met Leibl and his circle and he joined the Münchener Secession without much enthousiasm. After his painting "Salome" was rejected by the Secession in 1897 he felt like leaving Munich and the next years he worked both in Munich and in Berlin. In 1900 Paul Cassirer exhibited his works in Berlin and in 1901 he went to live there, started a private painting school and joined the Berliner Secession.

On 26 Mar 1903 he married his student Charlotte Berend and in 1908 he published "Das Erlernen der Malerei". During the first World War he wanted to do something for his country and painted the famous portrait of admiral Alfred von Tirpitz. In 1918 he was made a professor by the academy in Berlin, but in 1919 he withdrew from city life and went to live near the Walchensee. Corinth produced more than 1.000 paintings during his life.

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• was teacher to Buchholz, Erich
• has a connection with Cassirer, Paul
• painted Ebert, Friedrich
• was a friend of Liebermann, Max
• was teacher to Macke, August
• painted Moll, Margarethe
• was teacher to Moll, Oskar
• painted Tirpitz, Alfred von

Schilderkunst van A tot Z, REBO, Lisse, 1990


The grave of Lovis Corinth at the Südwestfriedhof, Stahnsdorf, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (10 Apr 2003)


"Damenbildnis im Rechtsprofil".
   (1886, Hanover: Niedersachsisches Landesmuseum)

"Salome II".
   (1900, Leipzig: Museum der bildende Künste)

"Rudolf Rittner as Florian Geyer".
   (1906, Wuppertal: Von der Heydt-museum)

"Kain und Abel".
   (1917, Düsseldorf: Museum Kunstpalast)

Cornelius, Peter von

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