Tirpitz, Alfred von

BORN 19 Mar 1849, Küstrin, Brandenburg - DIED 6 Mar 1930, Ebenhausen, Bayern (near München)
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Waldfriedhof (140-W-21)

Alfred Tirpitz entered the Psussian Navy in 1865 and attented the Naval School in Kiev. In 1877 he was appointed inspector-general of the torpedo fleet and in 1892 he became a member of the Baval staff. In 1895 he became a rear admiral and in 1897 he was appointed Minister for the Navy.

He enlarged the Prussian fleet until it was the second largest in the world in 1914. When the First World War started he was Commander of the Navy. He strongly advocated unrestricted submarine warfare. But after restrictions against the use of submarines against neutral countries were put in order he resigned as Minister for the Navy in March 1916.

After the First World War he headed the conservative party DNVP (Deutschnationale Volkspartei). From 1924 until 1928 he was a memeber of the German parliament, the Reichstag. In 1939 the battleship Tirpitz was named after him.

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The grave of Alfred von Tirpitz at the Waldfriedhof, München.
Picture by Androom (30 Aug 2005)


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Published: 16 Jul 2006
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