Heyblom, Alex

BORN 29 Oct 1832, Bergen op Zoom, Noord-Brabant - DIED 13 Aug 1893, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland
BIRTH NAME Heyblom, Alexander Wilhelmus Aalbert
GRAVE LOCATION Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland: Algemene Begraafplaats Crooswijk, Kerkhoflaan 1-5

Alex Heyblom was the son of the organist and music teacher Aalbert Heijnblom. His mother's name was Ann Stewart. His father educated him on several musical instruments including the piano and the violin. In 1855 he started working as a music teacher in Rotterdam. He directed the Liedertafel Amphion for over 25 years. Apart from his compositions he published several pedagogic books on singing.

He died in 1893 in Rotterdam and among the friends who donated money for his monument was the composer Peter Benoit fron Antwerp. The monument was designed by Leo Stracké and has a height of 267 cm.


The grave of Alex Heyblom at the Algemene Begraafplaats Crooswijk, Rotterdam.
Picture by Androom (02 April 2021)


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Published: 29 Jan 2024
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