Hogendorp, Carel, Graaf van

BORN 15 Aug 1788, Kasim Bazar, Murshibadad - DIED 29 Oct 1856, Utrecht, Utrecht
BIRTH NAME Hogendorp, Carel Sirardus Willem van
GRAVE LOCATION Utrecht, Utrecht: 1e Algemene Begraafplaats Soestbergen, Gansstraat 167

Carel van Hogendorp was born in Bengal as the eldest son of Dirk van Hogendorp (1761-1822). He was sent to the Netherlands for his education and attended a military school in Sorèze in France. He joined the army and was decorated by the Kingdom of Holland after he distinguished himself during fights with the English in Zeeland. His father knew Napoleon and in 1810 he was made a captain at the general staff of the French imperial army. In 1811 he married Cécile Cathérine Olivier (d.1867) from Rijsel in Amsterdam in the presence of the emperor who acted as a witness.

Together with his father he followed Napoleon's cavalery to Moscouw in 1812. In 1815 they fought on the French side at Waterloo. He left the French army in 1816. His father went in exile to Brazil, but Carel returned to the Netherlands. His uncle Gijsbert Karel had remained loyal to king William I of Orange and he secured Carel a job as colonial governor. In 1823 he was appointed resident of Batavia and in the same year he received the Légion d'honneur in France. He returned to the Netherlands in 1827 and in 1831 he was enobled by the king. He held several official positions before he died in Utrecht in 1856.

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The grave of Carel S. van Hogendorp at the Soestbergen Begraafplaats, Utrecht.
Picture by Androom (02 Jul 2021)


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