Wander, Fred

BORN 5 Jan 1917, Wien - DIED 10 Jul 2006, Wien
BIRTH NAME Rosenblatt, Fritz
GRAVE LOCATION Kleinmachnow (near Berlin), Brandenburg: Waldfriedhof Kleinmachnow

Fred Wander was born as Fritz Rosenblatt. He was the son of Galician jJews who had emigrated to Vienna. He wasa educated for the textile trade and had had several jobs afterwards. After the annexation of Austria by Germany in 1938 he fled to Switzerland and France. There he was interned, but he escaped to Marseille. The Vichy policy arrested him there in 1942 and he was imprisoned in transit camp Drancy and then transported to Auschwitz. He was tranaferred to Buchenwald, where he was freed in April 1945. His parents were killed in Auschwitz.

He returned to Austria where he worked as a reporter and photo reporter. He joined the Austrian communist party KPÖ in 1950. In 1956 he married Maxie Brunner. They settled in Kleinmachnov near Berlin in 1958 until her death in 1977. In 1982 he married his third wife Susanne and in 1983 they left the DDR and settled in Vienna. He died there in 2006 and was buried in Kleinmachnow.

• Wife: Wander, Maxie (1956-1977)


The grave of Maxie Wander at the Waldfriedhof, Kleinmachnow.
Picture by Androom (28 Jan 2008)


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