Durand, Jacques

BORN 22 Feb 1865, Paris - DIED 22 Aug 1928, Avon, Seine-et-Marne
GRAVE LOCATION Avon, Seine-et-Marne: CimetiŤre

Jacques Durand was a son of the composer and musuic publisher Auguste Durand. At the Conservatory in Paris Claude Debussy and Paul Dukas were fellow students. He joined his father's company in 1886 and in after his father died in 1909 he took over the management. In 1889 he had married Augustine Marcotte, the daughter of his adoptive mother.

Jacques Durand published work by Debussy, Dukas, Maurice Ravel, Albert Roussel, Camille Saint-SaŽns and many others. In his …dition classique Durand & Fils he published French editions of famous works from the 19th century. He also organised chamber music concerts to promote his composers.

He owned the Bel …bat, the former hunting lodge of King Henry IV in Avon near Fontainebleau. He suddenly died of a stroke in 1928. Maurice Ravel attended his private funeral at Avon.

• Father: Durand, Auguste

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• published work by Debussy, Claude
• published work by Saint-SaŽns, Camille


The grave of Auguste Durand at the cemetery of Avon, Seine-et-Marne.
Picture by Androom (01 Nov 2019)


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