Maurin, Antoine

BORN 19 Dec 1771, Montpellier, Hérault - DIED 4 Oct 1830, Paris
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Père Lachaise, Rue du Repos 16 (division 28)

Antoine Maurin joined the army in 1792 and saw action during the Wat of the First Coalition. He was promoted to officer before he was wounded at Biberach in 1796. In 1797 fought at Valvasone and Napoleon promoted him to captain. In the same year he served as aide-de-camp to Jean Baptiste Bernadotte. In 1802 he was promoted to colonel and he participated in the Battle of Caldiero in October 1805. After that he served in Poland and in 1807 he was promoted to gernal of brigade.

He commanded a cavalry brigade under Junot in Portugal in 1807. In 1808 he became a Baron of the Empire. He was governor of Algarve and ill in his bed when the a revolt against the French occupation took place. He was captured by partisans on 16 June 1808 and imprisoned by British forces. In 1812 he was released and in August 1813 he was action at the Battle of Dresden. On 28 September 1813 he received the Légion d'Honneur.

After Napoleon's abdication in 1814 he sided with Louis XVIII, but during the 100 Days he rejoined the emperor. He was wounded during the Battle of Ligny on 16 June 1815. He was decommisioned later in 1815, but in 1819 Louis XVIII gave him the command of the 15th Military Division. He retired from active service in 1823. After the Revolution of July 1830 he returned to active service for a short time, but he died in October of that year.

He was buried a Père Lachaise in Paris. His grave was restored in 2001.


The grave of Antoine Maurin at Père Lachaise, Paris.
Picture by Androom (02 Nov 2019)


The grave of Antoine Maurin at Père Lachaise, Paris.
Picture by Androom (02 Nov 2019)


Antoine Maurin(1771-1830)
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