Roelli, Hans

BORN 7 Sep 1889, Willisau - DIED 5 Jun 1962, Zürich
GRAVE LOCATION Zürich: Friedhof Fluntern, Zürichbergstrasse

Hans Roelli was the author of a large amount of poems and verses. He was best known for his 1,200 songs. Many of them were soldier songs.

He spent a long time in Arosa where he succeeded Felix Moeschlin as Kurdirektor (director of the spa). After his retired from this position he was the manager of the ski school of the Arosa Kulm hotels for many years. On 19 January 1938 Thomas Mann visited one of the many recitals he organised.

From 1917 to 1924 he was married to the painter Berta Hedwig. In 1926 he married Lotte Maria Borst, the daughter of an industralist. After their divorce in 1939 he married the painter Magrit Hubacher in 1941. He died in 1962 in Zürich.


The gravesite of Hans Roelli at the Fluntern Cemetery, Zürich.
Picture by Androom (18 Aug 2005)


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