Deutsch de la Meurthe, Émile

BORN 22 Oct 1847, Paris: La Vilette (19e) - DIED 18 May 1924, Quimper, Finistère
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Cimetière de Montmartre, 20 Avenue Rachel (division 03)

Émile Deutsch de la Meurthe came from a rich Jewish family. In 1877 he became a partner of the family business together with his brother Henry. Their business went well and became Jupiter Oil Company in (Société des pétroles Jupiter) in 1922 and Shell France afterwards.

He married Louise Halpen (1856-1914), a granddaughter of the banker Antoine Jacob Stern (1805-1886) and sister of the composer Fernand Halphen (1872-1917). After meeting Paul Appell, the rector of the University of Paris, he started the Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe. This resulted in a series of buildings for housing students.


The grave of Émile Deutsch de la Meurthe at the Montmartre Cimetière, Paris.
Picture by Androom (05 Nov 2017)


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