Munte, Lina

BORN 1854, Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin - DIED 30 Jun 1909, Paris
BIRTH NAME Mundt, Caroline
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Cimetière des Batignolles, 8 rue Saint-Just (division 23, ligne 5, numéro 19, avenue Transversale)

The actress Lina Munte was trained as a ballet dancer and as an actress she was specialised in femme fatales. In 1879 she was Virginie in Émile Zola's "L'Assommoir" at the théâtre de l’Ambigu. One of her contemporaries described her as the thinnest woman in Paris after Sarah Bernardt.

She was cast by Lugné-Poe to perfom the part of Salome at the world premiere of Oscar Wilde's play of the same name at his Théâtre-de l'Oeuvre on 11 February, 1896. Wilde was in prison at the time. The author Jean de Tinan wrote that he was so impressed by her performance that he felt an ecstasy that he had never felt before. Most critics liked her performance, but one critic wrote that she danced on music that seemed to be written for dancing bears and Salome brought her no lasting fame.

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• has a connection with Lugné-Poe
• is brother/sister of Munte, Suzanne
• was photographed by Nadar

11/2/1896Première of Oscar Wilde's play "Salome" at the Théâtre-de-l'Oeuvre in Paris. Lina Munte played Salome and Aurélien Lugné-Poe had cast himself as Herod. Oscar Wilde was in prison at this time. [Lugné-Poe][Wilde, Oscar]


The grave of Lina Munte and Suzanne Munte at the Cimetière des Batignolles, Paris.
Picture by Androom (02 Nov 2017)


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Munte, Suzanne

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