Allan, David

BORN 13 Feb 1744, Alloa, Clackmannanshire - DIED 6 Aug 1796, Edinburgh
GRAVE LOCATION Edinburgh: Old Calton Burial Ground, Waterloo Palace

David Allan studied for seven years at Fouli's academy of painting at Glasgow. After that Charles Cathcart, 9th Lord Cathcart and Erskine of Mar became his patrons and he left for Rome in 1864. He stayed there until 1777 and studied under Gavin Hamilton. He sent to history paintings to the exhibition of the Royal Academy in 1771. In 1773 he won the gold medal of the Accademia di S Luca for "Hector’s Farewell from Andromache". When he visited Naples he was received by Sir William Hamilton, who was Lord Cathcart's brother-in-law.

In 1777 he returned to England and settled in London as a portrait painter. In 1780 he moved to Edinburgh. In 1786 he was appointed director of the Academy of Arts after Alexander Runciman had died. He died in Edinburgh in 1796.

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The grave of David Allan at Carlton Old Burial Ground, Edinburgh.
Picture by Androom (05 Nov 2019)


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