Hamilton, William

BORN 13 Dec 1730, Henley-on-Thames: Park Place - DIED 6 Apr 1803, London: 23 Piccadilly
GRAVE LOCATION Slebech, Pembrokeshire: Slebech Old Church (Barlow Vault, Churchyard)

Fourth son of Lord Archibald Hamilton. In 1758 he married Catherine Barlow, the daughter of Member of Parliament Hugh Barlow. He became ambassador of England in Naples in 1764. He studied the excavations at Pompei and published scientific books on vases. His first collection of vases he sold to the British Museum, the second collection went down with the ship that was transporting them to England on 12 Oct 1798.

After Catherine's death he married Emma Lyon when he was sixty years old. Emma eventually became far more famous than her husband as the mistress of Lord Nelson.

• Wife: Hamilton, Emma (1791-1803, London: Marylebone Church)

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The Times
Winkler Prins Encyclopedie (editie 1909), 1909

Hanak, Anton

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