JaŽll, Marie

BORN 17 Aug 1846, Steinseltz, Bas-Rhin - DIED 4 Feb 1925, Paris
BIRTH NAME Trautmann, Marie
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Passy CimetiŤre, 2 Rue du Commandant Schloesing (division 03)

Marie Trautmann was the daughter of the mayor of Steinseltz in Alsace. She started playing the piano when she was six years old and one year later F. Hamma and I. Moscheles became her teachers in Stuttgart. Her mother became her manager and soon she gave concerts in Germany and Switzerland.

When she was ten years old she entered the Conservatory in Paris where Heinrich Herz was her teacher. In 1866 she married the pianist Alfed JaŽll who was fifteen years older and had studied under Chopin. Together they performed in many countries in Europe. She was best known for her interpretations of Schumann, Liszt and Beethoven. In 1868 she met Franz Liszt and after her husband died in 1811 she studied with Liszt in Weimar several times between 1883 and 1885. She also studied with Saint-SaŽns and Franck in Paris.

In 1891/1892 she performed all Liszt's piano works and in 1893 she played Beethoven's 32 sonatas. She struggled with tendonities and studied neuroscience and physiology, researching the connection between body and mind. In 1895 she started the development of her own teaching method, known as the JaŽll Method. In 1904 she published the book "L'intelligence et le rythme dans les mouvements artistiques". Albert Schweitzer was one of her students.

• Husband: JaŽll, Alfred (1868-1882)

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• was pupil of Franck, Cťsar
• was pupil of Liszt, Franz
• was teacher of Pozzi, Catherine
• was pupil of Saint-SaŽns, Camille


The grave of Alfred JaŽll and Marie JaŽll at Passy Cemetery, Paris.
Picture by Androom (06 Nov 2016)


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