Corrodi, Arnold

BORN 12 Jan 1846, Roma, Lazio - DIED 7 May 1874, Roma, Lazio
GRAVE LOCATION Roma, Lazio: Cimitero Acattolico, Via Caio Cestio 6 (Zona Prima, 9.51 (899))

Arnold Corrodi was the son of the Swiss painter Salomon Corrodi. The painter Hermann Corrodi was older brother. From 1860 he worked in Geneva in the studio of Alexandre Cabanel together with Hermann. He also studied under Eduardo Rosales in Rome and he was influenced by Mariano Fortuny. In 1868 he travelled to Venice to study, in 1872 he was in Paris with his brother and he also visited Capri and Vienna.

He shared a studio with Hermann in Rome. He died in 1874 and when Hermann's house burnt down in 1892 most of his works were destroyed.

• Father: Corrodi, Salomon
• Brother: Corrodi, Hermann

Related persons
• was pupil of Rosales, Eduardo


The grave of Arnold Corrodi at the Cimitero Acattolico, Rome.
Picture by Androom (27 Feb 2015)


Corrodi, Hermann

Published: 13 Apr 2019
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