Pioche, Charles Augustin

BORN 1762, Metz, Moselle - DIED 1839, Metz, Moselle
GRAVE LOCATION Metz, Moselle: Cimetière de l'Est, Rue du Roi Albert (Nord)

Son of Jean-Baptiste Pioche, who was probably his teacher. In Paris he was a pupil of Bridan. He won the Grand Prix de Rome for sculpture in 1789. He returned to Metz in 1794 where he founded a drawing school and created busts and other statues. Among his pupils was Christopher Fratin (1801-1864).


The grave of J.A. Pioche at the Cimetière de l'Est, Metz.
Picture by Androom (22 Mar 2013)


Piovani, Pina

Published: 25 Dec 2013
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