Bell, Joseph

BORN 2 Dec 1837, Edinburgh - DIED 4 Oct 1911, Milton Bridge, Midlothian
GRAVE LOCATION Edinburgh: Dean Cemetery, Dean Path (northern section, mid-way along north wall of the original cemetery)

Joseph Bell was a great-grandon of the pioneering surgeon Benjamin Bell. He studied medicine in Edinburgh and received his MD in 1859. He published several books, among the "Manual of the Operations of Surgery" (1866). He married Edith Katherine Ernskine Murray, who died in 1874.

Bell was personal surgeon to Queen Victoria in Scotland. He was a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and became its president in 1887. In 1883 he bought a large house in Edinburgh at 2 Melville Crescent, marked by a plaque since 2011.

In 1877 the young Arthur Conan Doyle met Bell and he worked for him as a clerk at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Bell had remarkable powers of observation and when he saw a person he didn't know he was often able to tell a lot about that person from what he saw. This impressed Doyle and he used it as a inspiration for the powers of observations of his famous character Sherlock Holmes. Bell was aware of this.

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The grave of Joseph Bell at Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh.
Picture by Androom (05 Nov 2019)


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