Salvini, Tomasso

BORN 1 Jan 1829, Milano, Lombardia - DIED 31 Dec 1915, Firenze, Toscana
GRAVE LOCATION Firenze, Toscana: Cimitero Monumentale delle Porte Sante

Tomasso Salvino was the son of two actors. When he was fourteen years old he appeared in Goldoni's "Donne curiose" as Pasquino. In 1847 he joined the company of the young Adelaide Ristori.

In 1849 he fought for Italian independence and he continued his career afterwards. He often performed in England and between 1873 and 1889 he visited the USA five times. In 1886 he appeared next to Edwin Booth in "Othello".

In 1890 he retired, but in 1902 he joined the celebration of Adelaide Ristori's 80th birthday in Rome. His sons Alessando (1861-1896) and Gustavo were actors as well.

Related persons
• cooperated with Ristori, Adelaide
• is grandparent of Salvini, Guido


The grave of Tomasso Salvini at the Cimitero Monumentale delle Porte Sante, Firenze.
Picture by Androom (05 Feb 2011)


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