Hecht, Jenny

BORN 30 Jul 1943, New York City, New York - DIED 25 Mar 1971, North Hollywood, California
CAUSE OF DEATH drug overdose
GRAVE LOCATION Nyack, New York: Oak Hill Cemetery, 140 North Highland Avenue (Near the grave of Helen Hayes and Charles MacArthur)

Jenny Hecht was the daughter of the very successful screenwriter Ben Hecht and his wife Rose Caylor. Her first public appearance was on the Ed Sullivan, where she played Helen Hayes in "The Helen Hayes Story". Helen Hayes was the wife of the father's close collaborator Charles MacArthur.

She was educated at the American Academy of Dramatic Art and in London and as a teenager she appeared between celebrities like Helen Hayes and Billie Burke. In 1963 she joined the theatre group "The Living Theatre" and there she met her boyfriend Steve. After the group was discontinued she moved to Europe.

In 1971 she went to Los Angelos for a small part in the biker movie "The Jesus Trip". After the movie was completed she died in her hotel of a drug overdose. It is unknown if she committed suicide or accidentally killed herself. She was buried next to her father in Nyack, New York.

• Father: Hecht, Ben
• Mother: Caylor, Rose

Related persons
• knew Hayes, Helen


The grave of Ben Hecht (on the left), Rose Caylor (in the middle) and Jenny Hecht (on the right) at Oak Hill Cemetery, Nyack.
Picture by Androom (13 Apr 2010)


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