Massart, Lambert

BORN 19 Jul 1811, Liège - DIED 13 Feb 1892, Paris
BIRTH NAME Massart, Lambert Joseph
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Cimetière de Montmartre, 20 Avenue Rachel (division 22)

Lambert Massart was taught music by his father and his uncle. Ater his uncle died Ambroise Delaveux was his teacher. Delaveux tried to get him admitted to the Conservatory in Paris and even though King William I of the Netherlands sponsored him,he was refused by Cherubini because he was a foreigner. Rodolphe Kreuzer became his private teacher. In 1829 he was finally admitted to the Conservatory in Paris.

He was well known for his chamber concerts and on 23 May 1843 he performed Beethoven's "Kreutzer Sonata" together with Franz Liszt. Also in 1843 he was appointed professor of violin at the conservatory in Paris and he taught there for 47 years. Eugène Ysaÿe and Henryk Wieniawski were among his pupils.

• Wife: Massart, Louise-Aglaé (1849-1887)

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The grave of Joseph Massart and Louise-Aglaé Massart at the Montmartre Cimetière, Paris.
Picture by Androom (05 Nov 2017)


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