Marsick, Martin-Pierre

BORN 9 Mar 1847, Jupille-sur-Meuse - DIED 21 Oct 1924, Paris
GRAVE LOCATION Liège: Cimetière de Robermont, Rue de Herve 46 (Parcelle 034-10/11-1)

Martin-Pierre Marsick started studying the violin with Désiré Heynberg at the conservatory in Liège when he was seven years old. In 1864 he graduated and in Brussels he became the pupil of Hubert Léonard. In 1868 he entered the Conservatory in Paris, where Joseph Massart was his teacher.

He founded a string quartet in 1871 and he joined the new Société Nationale de Musique. In 1872 he married Berthe Mollot (1848-1923). From 1875 to 1895 he performed with Lamoreux, Pasdeloup, Colonne and others in Paris and he toured in Europe and the USA. He also played with the famous Joseph Joachim. He had a Stradivarius violin from 1705 that became known as the Ex Marsick Stradivarius.

In 1892 he became a professor at the Conservatory in Paris. Flesch, Thibaud and Enescu were among his students. In 1900 he left Berthe as well as his pupils and went abroad with a married woman. But his mistress returned to her husband and when he returned to Paris in 1903 his career was effectively over. His wife divorced him in 1910 and he died in poor circumstances.

Armand Marsick, the son of his brother Louis François, was also a well known violinist.

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• cooperated with Colonne, Édouard
• was teacher of Enesco, Georges
• cooperated with Joachim, Joseph
• was pupil of Massart, Lambert


The grave of Martin-Pierre Marsick at the Cimetière de Robermont, Liège.
Picture by Androom (8 Mar 2003)


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