Neipperg, Adam Albert, Count von

BORN 8 Apr 1775, Wien - DIED 22 Feb 1829, Parma, Emilia-Romagna
CAUSE OF DEATH heart problems
GRAVE LOCATION Parma, Emilia-Romagna: Madonna della Steccata

Adam Neipperg was the son of diplomat Leopold von Neipper who invented a letter-copying machine. His mother was Maria Ludovica countess Hatzfeld-Wildenburg-Werther. He was educated at a military academy in Stuttgart. After he had tried to join the French army he entered the Austrian army in 1791. He saw action in several battles and in 1794 near the village of Doel he was left for dead. The French found him and nursed him, but he lost his right eye. After a prisoner exchange he rejoined the Austrian army and commanded troops until 1800. In 1806 he married Therese Josephine Walpurgis, Countess Thurn-Valsassina (1778-1815) and they had four sons.

In 1809 he was appointed ambassador to Sweden and he was decorated by Bernadotte. In Leipzig he once more fought in the Austrian Army and this earned him a promotion to lieutenant field marshall. In 1814 he negotioated for the Austrians with Joachim Murat and after Napoleon's return from Elba Neipperg saw further action during the Neapolitan War. In 1814 he was ordered to escor Empress Marie Louise to Aix-les-Bains in order to prevent her from joining Napoleon in Elba. She fell in love with him and never rejoined Napoleon. The news of their relationship wasn't received well in France and Austria.

When she was awarded the Duchy of Parma by the congress of Parma he followed her there. His wife had died in 1815 and after Napoleon died in 1821 they married morganatically. By that time they already had two surviving children. By the time of his death from heart problems in 1829 he had been accepted by the people of Parma. He was buried in the San Ludovico church in Parma. In 1905 his monument was moved to the Madonna della Steccata.

• Wife: Marie Louise, Empress of France, Duchess of Parma (1821-1829)

24/9/1814Marie Louise and Count Neipperg become lovers. Count Adam Albert von Neipperg accompanied Marie Louise on a journey to Aix-les-Bains when Napoloen was at Elba. Forced by bad weather they had to spend the night at the inn "Die Goldene Sonne" at Küssnacht and during the night they became lovers. It is believed that Marie Louise had been after him for a while and Neipperg didn't resist. [Marie Louise, Empress of France, Duchess of Parma][Napoleon I Bonaparte]
18/4/1816Marie Louise arrives in Parma. The congress of Vienna had decided that she would become the ruler of Parma. She was accompanied by her lover Count Neipperg. [Marie Louise, Empress of France, Duchess of Parma]


The grave monument of Adam Albert von Neipperg at the Madonna della Steccata, Parma.
Picture by Androom (11 Feb 2017)


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