Dereims-Devriès, Jeanne

BORN 6 Mar 1845, New Orleans, Louisiana - DIED 1924
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Cimetière des Batignolles, 8 rue Saint-Just (division 11, ligne 5, numéro 30, Transversale)

Jeanne Devriès was the daughter of the opera singers David de Vries (1816-1872) and Rosa de Vries-Van Os (1828-1889). Her sister Fidès Devriès (1851-1939) was a singer was well. She studied with Gilbert Duprez In Paris. In June 1867 she debuted at the Théâtre Lyrique in Paris as Amina in Bellini's "La sonnambula". At the same theatre she appeared in the premiere of "La jolie fille de Perth".

She married the opera singer Étienne Dereims who had an international career and in 1878 they performed together in Lissabon. Their daughter Andrea Dereims became an opera singer as well. In 1872-1873 and in 1879-1890 she appeared in Brussels and the rest of her career took place in France. Her husband died in 1904 and after her own death in 1924 she was buried in his grave at the Cimetière de Batignolles in Paris.

• Husband: Dereims, Étienne (1875-1904, Paris)


The grave of Étienne Dereims and Andréa Dereims at the Cimetière de Batignolles, Paris.
Picture by Androom (04 Nov 2022)


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