Mars, Mella

BORN 18 Dec 1880, Wien - DIED 27 Apr 1919, Berlin
BIRTH NAME Märzinger, Melanie Anna
CAUSE OF DEATH operation (consequences of)
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Baumgartner Friedhof, Waidhausenstraße 52 (Gruppe U, Nummer 2838)

Mella Mars started her acting career around 1900 at the Jantsch-Theater in Vienna. Late in 1900 she was engaged as a soubrette at the Theater am Gärtnerplatz in Munich. She worked in Ostrau, Lviv and in 1903 at the Kurtheater in Bad Ischl. Further stations were Cologne and the Linden-Kabaret in Berlin. In Cologne she had a daughter, Sophie, in 1904. She returned to her native Vienna in 1905 and there she worked as a cabaret artist at "Die Helle", a cabaret that was housed in the basement of the Theater an der Wien. There she performed songs by Béla Laszky. She married the lawyer Albert Bamberger in 1906 or 1907, but in 1911 Laszky became her second husband.

She appeared with her husband at the cabarets "Fledermaus" and "Simpl" and also had roles in one-act operettas. In 1911 she toured in Europe and in the USA and in 1913 she performed in Cuba. In 1914 she played in Csokors' "Lentzte Spiele" at the Residenztheater in Vienna. During the First World War she worked as a nurse and from 1915 she toured through the war zone. During a tour in Berlin she died after an operation in 1919. Like her mother, Sophie (1904-2005) worked as a cabaret singer and a soubrette.


The grave of Mella Mars at the Baumgartner cemetery in Vienna.
Picture by Androom (01 Sep 2023)


Mars (eig. Märzinger, seit 1910 offiziell Mars; verh. Laszky), Mella (Mela, eig. Melanie Anna)  Sophie,

Marsick, Martin-Pierre

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