Sedlmayr, Hans

BORN 18 Jan 1896, Hornstein, Burgenland - DIED 9 Jul 1984, Salzburg
GRAVE LOCATION Salzburg: Friedhof Morzg, Gneiser Strasse 62 (Gruppe 409, Reihe 0, Nummer 15-16)

Hans Sedlmayr studied architecture (1918-1920) and art history in Vienna. Max Dvorak was his teacher until he died in 1921. He wrote his thesis about the architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach. In 1931 he introduced Strukturforschung (structure research) in art history in his manifesto "Zu einer strengen Kunstwissenschaft" ("Toward a Rigorous Study of Art"). Around the same time he became a member of the Austrian NSDAP. In 1936 he was appointed professor of ary history at Vienna University. After the death of his first wife Helene Fritz, he married the singer Maria von Schmedes in 1943. In 1951 they had a daughter, Susanne.

After the Second World War he was fired because of his NSDAP membership. He wasn't prosecuted any further. In 1948 he published his main work "Verlust der Mitte" in which he severely criticized modern art that, in his opinion, had destroyed true art. Conservative critics agreed with him, but his opponents saw clear similarities with the nazi ideas about 'entarte Kunst', although he didn't use the term. In 1951 he became a professor in Munich which led to protests because of his involvement with the nazis. In 1965 he obtained a professorship in Salburg. He died in Salzburg in 1984.

• Wife: Schmedes, Maria von (1943-1984)


The grave of Hans Sedlmayr and Maria Schmedes at the Friedhof Morzg, Salzburg.
Picture by Androom (31 Aug 2014)


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