Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden, Alfred, Graf

BORN 4 Jul 1848, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg - DIED 16 Mar 1887, Wiesbaden, Hessen
GRAVE LOCATION Wiesbaden, Hessen: Nordfriedhof, Platter Strasse (Westliche Parkanlage, Parzelle 21, Nr. 003)

Alfred Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden was a son of Friedrich Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden. His mother Sophie von Vischer-Ihlingen was a relative of Ludwig Uhland's wife Emilie Vischer. Like his father, Alfred was catholic, while his mother was protestant. He attended the war school in Ludwigsburg in 1864. It was dissolved in 1866 and in 1867 he attended the Leutenantsschule in Ludwigsburg. He joined the army but in 1869 he also published his first short novel, "Mathilda".

He was decorated in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. In 1871 he published "Auf dem Felde". In 1872 he travelled to Scandinavia and in 1873 he visited Vienna. On leave from his regiment he also visited Budapest and Italy. In 1876 he returned to his regiment. In 1880 he studied in Berlin during another leave and he left the army in July 1880. In Berlin he knew Heinrich von Treitschke, Hermann von Helmholtz and many others.

On 2 May 1882 he married Lucy Cockerill, the daughter of the industrialist Philipp Heinrich Cockerill, in Aachen. They visited the French riviera for five months and he described his experiences in "Am ligurischen Meere" (1883). They lived at Schloss Horst in Rheinpreussen afterwards. There he finished his novella "Fenella" that was published in 1886. In 1884 they moved to Hennef, where hteir only child Irma was born. In 1886 they settled at Wiesbaden, where he died in 1887.

• Wife: Cockerill, Lucy (-1887)

Related persons
• knew Spielhagen, Friedrich
• knew Treitschke, Heinrich von


The grave of Adolf, graf Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden at the Nordfriedhof, Wiesbaden.
Picture by Androom (26 Jul 2018)


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