Treitschke, Heinrich von

BORN 15 Sep 1834, Dresden, Sachsen - DIED 28 Apr 1896, Berlin
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Alter St. Matthäus Friedhof, Grossgörschenstrasse 12 (Q-o-16 (Ehemaliges Ehrengrab))

Heinrich von Treitschke came from a family of military officers. His father was governor of Königstein (near Dresden) and military governor of Dresden. He studied in Leipzig and Bonn and became a tutor himself. At that time he held liberal views, but he hoped that Germany would become one single state. In 1863 he became a professor in Freiburg.

In 1871 he had become a member of the Reichstag for the National Liberal Party and in 1874 he accepted a professrship in Berlin. After von Seidel died he became the editor of "Historische Zeitschrift". By now he was a nationalist and he had left the Liberal Party. He was in favour of colonialism and he hated the British Empire.

His historial writings were politically charged and he supported Bismarck and antisemitism. His most important work was "Deutsche Geschichte im neunzehnten Jahrhundert" (1879-1894), but when he died he had only reached the year 1847.

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The grave of Heinrich von Treitschke at the Alter St. Matthäus Friedhof, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (28 Aug 2008)


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