Rohden, Johann Martin von

BORN 30 Jul 1778, Kassel, Hessen - DIED 9 Sep 1868, Roma, Lazio
GRAVE LOCATION Roma, Lazio: Campo Santo Teutonico, Via di Porta Cavalleggeri

Johann Martin von Rohden was the son of the merchant Moritz von Rohden (1745-1811). He attended the Akademie für Malerei in Kassel and in 1795 he went to Rome with Karl du Ry, a builder from Kassel. In 1799 he left Italy, prrobably because of the war, and around 1801 he was back in Germany.

After he won a prize issued by the "Propyläen" magazine for his painting "Perseus befreit Andromeda" he returned to Rome and he lived there from 1802 to 1811. In Rome he was part of the circle of artists around Joseph Anton Koch. During a visit to Germany in 1811-1812 he met Goethe personally.

In 1815 he married Catarina Coccanari and adapted the Catholic faith. In 1817 they had a son, Franz. In 1827 Wilhelm II von Hessen engaged him in Kassel as court painter, but in 1829 he went back to Rome and sent wilhelm his paintings from there until 1832. After 1832 he received an allowance that continued after Wilhelm's death in 1847. He died in 1869 in Rome.

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• met Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
• knew Koch, Joseph Anton


The grave monument of Johann Martin von Rohden at the Campo Santo Teutonico, Rome.
Picture by Androom (25 Jan 2010)


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