Mendelssohn, Franz von

BORN 29 Jul 1865, Berlin - DIED 13 Jun 1935, Berlin
BIRTH NAME Mendelssohn, Poerre Franz Walther von
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Kirchhof Jerusalem und Neue Kirche I, Halleschen Tor, Kreuzberg (Abteilung 3/1)

Franz von Mendelssohn was the son of the banker Franz von Mendelssohn (1829-1899) and his wife Enole Biarnez (1827-1889). Hestudied law in Bonn and Berlin. After his studies he entered the family business an in 1889 he married his cousin Marie Clara Westphal (1867-1957). Their daughter Lilli (1897-1928) was a violinist and their son Robert (1902-1996) was a banker.

Franz von Mendelssohn became a co-owner of the Mendelssohn Bank in 1892 and he was its senior director from 1917. In 1906 he joined the Deutschen Industrie- und Handelstag (German Industry and Trade Association) and in 1921 he became its chairman. In 1913 he was elected into the Prussian House of Lords. From 1911 until his death he oversaw the finances of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft, an institution for the advancement of science that is now the Max Plack Gesellschaft. In 1925 he headed the new German group of the International Chamber of Commerce.

He gave up most of his positions in 1931 after his health declined. He died in Berlin 1935 and was buried in the grave of his parents at the Kirchhof Jerusalem und Neue Kirche I in Berlin.

• Father: Mendelssohn, Franz von
• Daughter: Bohnke-Von Mendelssohn, Lilli
• Brother: Mendelssohn, Robert von


The grave of Franz von Mendelsohn at the Kirchhof Jerusalem und Neue Kirche I, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (28 May 2015)


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