Lotz-Dupont, Ilse

BORN 3 Oct 1898, Berlin - DIED 1 Jul 1968, München, Bayern
BIRTH NAME Dupont, Ilse
GRAVE LOCATION Schliersee, Bayern: Friedhof an der Sixtuskirche, Seestrasse

Ilse Dupont was the daughter of a journalist. Her brother was the director Ewald André Dupont. She made her stage debut at Court Theatre in Meiningen in 1916. From 1917 to 1918 she was engaged in Düsseldorf and in 1919 in Leipzig. Engagements in St. Galln, Zürich, Potsdam and Mönchengladbach followed. From 1927 to 1929 she worked in Saarbrücken and from 1929 to 1933 in Berlin. Her only appearance in a movie was in "Mister Herkules" (1933) and after that she couldn't work because she was Jewish.

In the 1950s she emerged as a successful screenwriter. She mainly wrote homeland-movies, like "Moselfahrt aus Liebeskummer" (1953). "Das schwarz-weiß-rote Himmelbett" (1962) was an erotic comedy. Her last script was "An der Donau, wenn der Wein blüht" (1965). She died in 1965 in Munich.

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