Rambert, Eugène

BORN 6 Apr 1830, Sâles, Vaud (near Clarens) - DIED 21 May 1886
GRAVE LOCATION Clarens, Vaud: Cimetière

Eugène Rambert was the son of a schoolmaster from Vaudois. He was educated by his father, who lost his job in 1845 as a result of religious quarrels. Ramber became a teacher in Paris and later worked as a tutor in England and in Geneva. When things went better for the family he continued his studies. In 1845 he became a professor of French literature in Lausanne.

From 1860 until 1881 he held a professorship in Zürich. During this period he wrote his most important work, "Les Alpes suisses" (1866-1875, 5 volumes). He also wrote volumes of poetry and al biographies of Alexandre Vinet, Juste Olivier and Alexandre Calame. In 1881 he returned to Lausanne where again he worked as a professor.

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The grave of Eugène Rambert at the cemetery in Clarens, Vaud.
Picture by Androom (05 Dec 2007)


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