Vinet, Alexandre Rodolphe

BORN 17 Jun 1797, Ouchy, Vaud - DIED 4 May 1847, Clarens, Vaud
GRAVE LOCATION Clarens, Vaud: Cimetière

Alexandre Vinet was educated for the Protestant church and he was ordained in 1819. At that time he already worked as a teacher at the gymnasium at Basel. His work as a literary critic earned him an invitation from Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve to lecture in Lausanne. In 1829 he published "Chrestomathie française". Between 1840 and 1851 his "Études sur la littérature française au XIXme siècle" was published.

As a theologian he was in favour of complete freedom of religious belief and he propagated a seperation of church and state in "Mémoire en faveur de la liberté des cultes" (1826). His work was known in the French speaking countries, but also in England. Much of his work was only published after his death in 1847.

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The grave of Alexandre Vinet at the cemetery in Clarens, Vaud.
Picture by Androom (05 Dec 2007)


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