Saphir, Moritz Gottlieb

BORN 8 Feb 1795, Lovas-Berény, Hungary - DIED 5 Sep 1858, Wien
BIRTH NAME Saphir, Moses
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Evangelischer Friedhof Matzleinsdorf, 10. Triesterstraße 1 (Gruppe 01, Grab 168)

Moritz Saphir came from a Jewish family and worked as a merchant in Vienna until 1825. He moved to Berlin, where he published two papers between 1826 and 1829. In his publications he insulted the actress Henriette Sontag and singer Karl Schall even challanged him to a duel. He moved on to Munich where he published further papers. This time his sharp pen earned him a jail sentence for insulting the king.

In 1832 he converted from his Jewish belief to Protestantism and he became Hoftheater-Intendanzrat in Munich. In 1835 he returned to Vienna where he published the "Theaterzeitung" together with Bäuerle. From 1837 onwards he published "The Humorist".

He died in 1858 and was buried at the Matzleinsdorfer Friedhof in Vienna. During the nazi years his grave was demolished but in later years a new stone was erected.

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• was drawn by Kriehuber, Josef


The grave of Moritz Gottlieb Saphier at the Evangelischer Friedhof Matzleinsdorf, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (24 Aug 2005)


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