Beust, Friedrich Ferdinand, Graf von

BORN 13 Jan 1809, Dresden, Sachsen - DIED 23 Oct 1886, St. Andrä (near), Niederösterreich: Schloss Altenberg
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Evangelischer Friedhof Matzleinsdorf, 10. Triesterstraße 1 (Gruft 10 rechts)

Friedrich Ferdinand von Beust studied law in Göttingen and in Leipzig. He entered public service in Saxony and worked as a diplomat. In 1849 he was appointed foreign minister after a first attempt to make him minister failed because of the revolution of 1848.

After he advised the king of Saxony to reject the German constitution that was proclaimed in Frankfurt am Main he had to suppress riots with the help of Prussian troops. In 1853 was appointed minister-president. He opposed Bismarck's strategy to unify Germany and was attacked violently by the Prussian press.

During the Prussian-Austrian war of 1866 he sided with Austria. After Austria was defeated he was forced to resign from his post. From 1866 to 1871 he was foreign minister of Austria and in 1867 he was appointed minister-president as well, with the additional title of Reichskanzler since 1868. During the same year the emperor awarded him the title of count.

He improved the relation with France, resulting in a visit of Napoleon III to Salzburg and a visit of Emperor Francis Joseph to the World Exhibition in Paris. Against his wishes Austria remained neutral during the Franco-Prussian War.

In 1871 he was fired as minister-president and he was ambassador to London until 1878 and ambassador to Paris from 1878 to 1882.


The grave of Friedrich Ferdinand Graf von Beust at the Evangelischer Friedhof Matzleinsdorf, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (20 Sep 2004)


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