Corti, Egon Caesar, Conte

BORN 2 Apr 1886, Zagreb - DIED 17 Sep 1953, Klagenfurt, Kärnten
GRAVE LOCATION Pressbaum, Niederösterreich: Ortsfriedhof

Egon Conte Corti was born in Zagreb into a noble family from Lombardy. His father Hugo Conte Corti (1851-1916) became a field marshal lieutenant. Egon pursued a military career, but after the disastrous Austrian defeat in 1918 he was dismissed and he changed his plans.

He studied history and started writing books on important historical persons. He was married Gertrud Mautner-Markhof, a Jewish woman, and a monarchist. But in 1937 he became a member of the Volksbund that was allied to the NSDAP that was illegal in Austria at the time. When he wanted to join the NSDAP in 1938 he was refused because he didn't want to divorce his wife. His only son Ferrante (b.1925) was arrested by the Gespato in 1940. During the war he was sent to a penal battalion and in 1944 he went missing.

Between 1950 and 1953 Corti's trilogy on emperor Francis Joseph was published. He died in 1953 a few months before his wife.

Other works: "Leben Und Liebe Alexanders Von Battenberg" (1920); "Maximilian und Charlotte von Mexiko" (1924); "Elisabeth, Die Seltsame Frau" (1934); "Ludwig I. Von Bayern" (1937).

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The grave of Egon Conte Corti at the cemetery in Pressbaum (near Vienna).
Picture by androom (16 Aug 2006)


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