Tobino, Mario

BORN 16 Jan 1910, Viareggio, Toscana - DIED 11 Dec 1991, Agrigento, Sicilia
GRAVE LOCATION Viareggio, Toscana: Camposanto della Misericordia

Mario Tobino studied medicine and took his degree in 1936. After his studies he worked in mental hospitals. He went to Lubia for work in June 1940 and worked there until he had to flee for the war in October 1941. He used his experiences in his book "Il deserto della Libia" (1951).

After his return to Italy he accepted a job at the Mental Hospital of Lucca. He worked there for more than four decades. He participated in the liberation of Italy as a partisan and described this in "Clandestono" (1962). For this book he received the Premio Strega. In 1972 his book "Per le antiche scale" received the Premio Campiello. One day after he received the Premio Pirandello he died in Agrigento.


The grave of Mario Tobino at the Campo santo della Misicordia, Viareggio.
Picture by Androom (16 Feb 2018)


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