Lützow, Ludwig Adolf Wilhelm, Freiherr von

BORN 18 May 1782, Berlin - DIED 6 Dec 1834, Berlin
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Alter Garnisonfriedhof, Kleine Rosenthaler Strasse (Feld I-10-15 "Nordfeld")

Ludwig Adolf Wilhem von Lützow joined the Prussian army in 1795. In 1806 he fought as a lietenant in the war against Napoleon during the battle of Jena and Auerstadt. In 1808 he retired from the army, but in 1811 he returned.

Scharnhorst allowed him to organize a free corps and this corps joined the war against the French in 1813. At Kitzen his corps was surprised by the French and slaughtered. Lützow was wounded, but together with the survivors he formed a new corps. In 1815 he was imprisoned by the French at Lingny. After the war he was promoted several times. He 1833 he suddenly lost his position in the army and retired. He died the next year in Berlin.


The grave of Ludwig Adolf Wilhelm, freiherr von Lützow at the Alte Garnizonsfriedhof, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (2 Aug 1998)


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