Kobell, Franz, Ritter von

BORN 19 Jul 1803, München, Bayern - DIED 11 Nov 1882, München, Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Alte Südfriedhof, Thalkirchnerstrasse 17 (right wall 215/216)

Son of the civil servant Franz von Kobell. He studied in Landsberg under the chemist Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs and was promoted in Erlangen in 1824. As early as 1827 he was elected in the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and in 1834 he became a professor at the University of Munich. In 1834 he undertook a scientific journey to Greece during the reingn of King Otto I.

In Munich he became the director of the mineralogical collection. He was also known for his poems that he wrote in Bavarian dialects. He married his cousin Karoline von Kobell, a daughter of Egid von Kobell. They had three daughters.

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The grave of Franz von Kobell at the Alte Südfriedhof, München.
Picture by androom (22 May 2006)


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Kobell, Wilhelm von

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