Rossum, Johannes van

BORN 21 Aug 1809, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland - DIED 10 Apr 1873, Eltville, Hessen: Schloss Reinhartshausen, Erbach
CAUSE OF DEATH tuberculosis
GRAVE LOCATION Eltville, Hessen: Friedhof, Eberbacher Strasse, Erbach

Johannes van Rossum came from a working-class family. He workd as an assistant in a notary's office. After his military service he worked for King William I of the Netherlands. In 1837 he married Catharina Wilhelmina Keijzer. After the king died in 1843 he entered into the service of his daughter Marianne as her coachman and later as her cabinet secretary.

He started a love affair with princess Marianne who had separated from her husband and they lived together at the Rusthof Estate in Voorburg that Marianne bought in 1848. They travelled through Europe and in 1849 their son Johannes was born at Sicily. In 1851 they settled in Rime and in 1855 in Erbach near Wiesbaden. Their son died in 1861. Van Rossum died of consumption after a long illness in 1873. For his grave Marianne commissioned a Christ figure from Dutch sculptor Johann Heinrich Stöver (1825-1911) that was based on a sculpture by Bertel Thorvaldsen. Marianne was buried beside him in 1873.

Related persons
• was the lover of Marianne van Oranje-Nassau


The grave of Marianne van Oranje-Nassau at the cemetery in Erbach in Eltville, Hessen. Her lover Johannes van Rossum was buried her as well and princess Elisabeth Mees is also in this grave.
Picture by Androom (31 Jul 2022)


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Rostosky, Karl Oswald

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