Saar, Ferdinand von

BORN 30 Sep 1833, Wien: Getreidemarkt 3 - DIED 24 Jul 1906, Wien: Döbling
CAUSE OF DEATH suicide by gunshot
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Döblinger Friedhof, Hartäckerstraße 65 (Gruppe 26, Nummer 33 (Ehrengrab))

Ferdinand von Saar came from a noble family of civil servants. His father died soon after his birth. He grew up together with his nephew August von Pettenkofen, who became an artist. He was educated in Vienna and in 1849 he entered the army. In 1854 he became a lieutenant. In 1860 he resigned from the army to pursue a career in literature and poetry.

He was imprisoned several times because of debts from his time in the army. In 1871 most of his debts were paid by female members of the nobility. He made his name with "Novellen aus Österreich" in 1877 and his "Wiener Elegien" (1893) were a massive success.

From 1890 onwards he lived at Blansko Castle in Moravia. During the same year he received a decoration from emperor Francis Joseph.

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The grave of Ferdinand von Saar at the Döblinger Friedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (29 Aug 2002)


Plaque at the house in Vienna where Ferdinand von Saar was born.
Picture by Androom (14 Aug 2010)


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Saar, Karl von

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