Aubart, Ninette

BORN 20 May 1887, Paris - DIED 29 Oct 1964
BIRTH NAME Aubart, Léontine Pauline
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: St. Vincent Cimetière, 6, rue Lucien Gaulard (division 13)

Ninette Aubart worked a a singer at the Lapin agile, a cabaret at Montmartre, Paris. She lived at lived at 17 Rue Le Sueur, Paris. She became the mistress of the billionaire Benjamin Guggenheim. He took her on a trip to the United States at the Titanic. Guggenheim drowned, but she was rescued, together with her maid Emma Sägesser, probably in lifeboat 9.

After she was rescued by the Carpathia she sent a telegram to Paris on 18 April 1912: "Moi sauvee mais Ben perdu" ("I'm saved but Ben is lost"). It was stated that the Guggenheims didn't contact her after the disaster. It seems that she held parties during the 1920s that were stopped by the police. She died in 1964 and she seems to be the only survivor of the Titanic who is buried in France.


The grave of Ninette Aubart at the St. Vincent Cemetery, Paris.
Picture by Androom (06 Nov 2016)


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