Sauvan, Honoré

BORN 7 Nov 1860, Nice, Alpes-Maritimes - DIED 12 Jan 1922, Nice, Alpes-Maritimes
GRAVE LOCATION Nice, Alpes-Maritimes: Cimetière du Château (Petit cimetière, numéro 556)

Honoré Sauvan was the son of Maxime Sauvan, who was municipal coucilor of Nice. Honoré studied at the Lycée Masséna and became the director of the Caisse d'épargne de Nice. In 1886 he was elected municipal coucilor himself and on 11 October 1896 he became the city's mayor as the successor of Pierre Gautier (1858-1927). He was also general councilor of Nice-Est from 1897 to 1898 and senator of the department Alpes-Maritimes from 1903 until his death. In the Senate he was a member of the Union républicaine.

He was reelected three times as mayor, but in 1912 he lost to François Guran (1847-1927). He died in 1922 in Nice and was buried at the Cimetière du Château.


The grave of Honoré Sauvan at the Cimetière du Château, Nice.
Picture by Androom (29 Nov 2008)


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