Matisse, Marguerite

BORN 1894 - DIED 1982, Paris
CAUSE OF DEATH heart attack
GRAVE LOCATION Nice, Alpes-Maritimes: Cimetière du Château

Daughter of Henri Matisse and his model Caroline Joblaud. She was raised by Matisse and his wife Amélie and often sat as a model for her father. She married art critic Georges Duthuit.

During the Second World Was she was active in the resistance, but she was arrested by the Gestapo and tortured. She was on her way to the concentration camp in Ravensbrück, but she managed to escape after the train that transported her was halted during a bomb attack by the allied forces.

At the time of her death she had almost finished a monumental catalogue of her father's works.

• Father: Matisse, Henri
• Husband: Duthuit, Georges


The grave of Georges Duthuit and Marguerite Matisse at the Cimetière du Château, Nice.
Picture by Androom (29 Nov 2008)


Matkowsky, Adalbert

Published: 13 Dec 2008
Last update: 17 Feb 2022