Wheatley, William

BORN 5 Dec 1816, New York City, New York - DIED 3 Nov 1876, New York City, New York: 120 East 23th Street
GRAVE LOCATION New York City, New York: Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn (Section K, Plot 16848)

Whilliam Wheatley was the son of the actor Frederick Wheatley. His mother Sarah Wheatley was an actress. As a child he appeared at the Park Theatre in New York next to charles MacReady in "Wilhelm Tell in 1826 and in 1833 he was engaged at the Bowery Theatre. In 1834 he returned to the Park Threatre where he performed for everal years.

In 1842 he appeared as Doricourt in "The Belle's Stratagem" at the Walnut street Theatre in Philadelphia. This was a great success. In 1844 he took a break from the theatre, but in 1847 he appeared next to his sister Emma Wheatley at the Park Theatre.

In 1853 he became the director of the Arch Street Theatre in Philadelphia, initially together with John Drew. He also continued his acting career. From 1862 to 1868 he was the manager of the Niblo's Garden Theatre in New York. In 1868 he retired from the theatre world. The last years of his life he lived on Coney Island. He was married three times and he died half a year after he married his third wife.


The grave of William Wheatley at the Greenwood Cemetery, New York City.
Picture by Androom (15 Apr 2010)


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