Wheeldon, Alice

BORN 27 Jan 1866, Derby, Derbyshire - DIED 21 Feb 1919, Derby, Derbyshire
BIRTH NAME Wheeldon, Alice Ann
CAUSE OF DEATH influenza
GRAVE LOCATION Derby, Derbyshire: Nottingham Road Cemetery, Chaddesden (grave of Elisabeth Gossage)

Alice Wheeldon was born as Alice Ann Marshall in Derby. Her father was an engine driver. She married the widowed train driver William Augustus Wheeldon in 1886. They had three daughters.

She was a convinced socialist and together with her daughters she protested against the First World War by joining the No-Conscription Fellowship, a British pacifist organisation. The family sheltered young men who were avoiding conscription. After she housed an under cover agent the family was arrested on 30 January 1917. She was sentenced to ten years of prison and her daughter Hettie was acquitted. Alice was locked up in Aylesbury Prison. After she went on hunger strike she was transferred to Holloway Prison.

On 31 December 1917 she was released on licence after a request by Lloyd George. But her health was failing and the died early in 1919 of influenza during the pandemic. She was buried in the grave of her sister Elisabeth Gossage in Nottingham Road Cemetery in Derby.


The grave of Elisabeth Gossage at Nottingham Road Cemetery, Derby. Alice Wheeldon was buried in this grave.
Picture by Androom (13 Jun 2022)


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