Rodet, Alphonse

BORN 16 Oct 1890, Lyon - DIED 4 Feb 1975, Lyon
BIRTH NAME Rodet, Alphonse Antoine
CAUSE OF DEATH suicide by drowning
GRAVE LOCATION Lyon: Cimetière de Loyasse, 43, rue du Cardinal-Gerlier (84)

Alphonse Rodet was born in Lyon. He served in the army from 1911 to 1918 and during the First World War he saw action many times. Back in Lyon in 1918 he married Adeline Devaux. In 1920 he started exhibiting his paintings at the Salon d'Automne.

He was well known for his still lifes and he continued his painting career until old age. His wife Adeline died in 1965. Ten years later he received a letter from the tax authorities that he hadn't reported some earnings from small sales to them. He felt so dishonoured by this letter that he jumped in the river Rhône in midwinter and died.

He was buried next to Adeline at the Cimetière de Loyasse in Lyons. In 2012 the city of Lyons decided that the concession for the grave became perpetual.


The grave of Alphonse Rodet et Adeline Devaux at the Loyasse cimetière, Lyon.
Picture by Androom (03 Dec 2007)


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