Ferrero-Lombroso, Gina

BORN 5 Oct 1872, Pavia, Lombardia - DIED 1944, Genève
GRAVE LOCATION Genève, Genève: Cimetière de Plainpalais, Rue des Rois (G-710)

Daughter of the criminologist Cesare Lombrose. Shortly after his death in 1909 she edited a compendium of his work, titled "L’uomo delinquente" ("Criminal Man"). Part of the texts were written by herself.

She married Guglielmo Ferrero, the co-author of her father's book "La donna delinquente" (1893, translated as "The Female Offender"). Leo Ferrero is their son.

• Father: Lombroso, Cesare
• Sister: Carrara Lombroso, Paola


The grave of Gina Ferrero-Lombroso at the Cimetière de Plainpalais, Genève.
Picture by Androom (06 Dec 2007)


Fersen, Christine

Published: 29 Jun 2008
Last update: 16 May 2020